“When we hired Premier they helped us change our culture to one that was more positive.  We’re a smaller company and I did not think it was possible to achieve what we did.  We incorporated a flexible spending account into our benefits.  We had some people who I’d say were old fashioned and resistant to any changes, but we fixed a good portion of our cost and the employees ended up loving the changes we made.”

Mid-sized trade based company

“I’ve always treated benefits as a necessary evil, and I understood HR directed us to switch providers from time-to-time as we needed, mainly to meet our budget.  I was not really involved until Premier asked me if our plan represented my personal image of our company and myself. I have to admit, I was struck by how archaic our plan was – it hadn’t changed in over 20 years!.  I can feel the attitude shift in our workers now!”

Manufacturing company

“I have a great deal of respect for our company’s leadership team. My last employer offered us a standard program that, frankly, I did not need or use.  My husband has a standard benefits plan where he works so this program allows us to direct my benefits to things our kids need as they are growing up!  It’s fantastic and I appreciate it!”

Health care organization

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