Common Challenges

From start to finish, from premium payments to member reimbursement, these are the top 5 challenge statements we experience from plan sponsors.


“We spend too much time on administration – we also don’t understand all of the risks or liabilities when we offer employee benefits.”

PHB’s Plan Administrator Checklist provides your plan administrator with best practices to employ in administering your plans and removes liabilities that are largely unknown to plan sponsors.


“Our employees don’t know who to reach out to and when.”

PHB’s contact sheets and communication practices empower all plan members and administrators with the use of digital message boards from their own smartphones or desktop.


“We don’t know how our plan stands up to our competition.”

PHB’s standard location and industry benchmarking toolkit provides you with an opportunity to compare costs, health, and performance of your plan to others.


“Our plan increases in cost every year but we don’t get more for our money, we get less!”

PHB’s philosophy is to fix costs, educate and promote wellness and self-sufficiency.  Big pharma and questionable income replacement adjudication are costing the average member over 60% of the value they could receive in their benefit plan.


“Our plan is the same as it was 20 years ago.”

PHB’s focus is on the present with an eye to the future, gauging employee sentiments and trends, helping employers lead employees to appreciate and have a say in the management of their own benefits delivery.

We Listen!

Benefit plan design is a major influence in productivity and employee retention! Lets talk!