About Premier

The Reality

It’s easy to miss the wins when the whole system is set up the way it is. Most brokers just shop the carriers annually and serve up nuanced options that end up costing more and deliver less year after year. The stakes are high. It’s definitely time for a new approach!

Seven things we consistently deliver!

We help you work with other leadership (CEO, CFO, HR) team members to create something outstanding within current budget parameters!

We help you root out the eight symptoms of  “organizational culture kill” and instead help to create a place where people thrive and want to come to work.

We deliver easy to understand, innovative ways to deliver more value for less!

We know one or two high-cost medications represent 31%  percent of your total drug cost.  And it’s increasing by 16% per year.  We have to remove the future cost risk from your plan!

We cut out excessive insurer margins, we use and justify funding mechanisms that put $$$ back in your hands!

We know benefits cost you the two currencies – time and money, we work to reduce the expenditures of both!

We will demonstrate to you that the vast majority of your employees want changes in their benefit plan!  You will appreciate the difference between a plan of insurance and a plan of benefits.

We Listen!

Benefit plan design is a major influence in productivity and employee retention! Lets talk!